SandyView Farms offers a unique service to our customers in providing meat processing services. Our customers love that we are able to provide this service for their wild game or livestock.

We can prepare the meat as you want it, for whatever purpose suits your needs. From jerky, burgers or meat sticks, to beautifully marinated steaks, you can be sure we'll prepare your prized meat to perfection.

You simply bring in your meat to our shop, and we'll take care of the rest



Wildgame Drop off & Pick Up Times (Only at Spruce Grove location):
Monday – Saturday, 8am – 4pm (Closed for Lunch)

    1. Call us and let us know when you're coming!
    2. Let us know what you want us to do with the meat! Complete your paper work at the west side entrance ( W.I.N. # and tag # must be with you, not just on the carcass).
    3. A whole carcass must have the proper sex identification ON the animal, or it will not be accepted.
    4. Once you have received your carcass # , proceed to drop off your carcass at the back door (our staff will guide you accordingly).

    **Due to the high demand for our services, during peak season, wait times can be up to 3-4 months after the carcass is dropped off.


Some of the many options for processing include:

Meat Processing

  • Smoked Sausages: bratwurst, garlic, ham, wild garlic, roasted garlic, red pepper
  • Fresh Sausages: breakfast (maple or honey garlic), Italian (hot or mild)
  • Cold Cuts: summer sausage, SV salami, German bologna, Bier sausage...
  • Smokies (Regular, Cheese, Jalapeno/Cheese, Mexican, Black Bean Salsa)
  • European Weiners  
  • Pepperoni (Cheese, Honey Garlic)
  • Regular or Spiced Jerky
  • Regular or Spiced Jerky Stick
  • Jalapeno/Cheese Stick
  • Hunter's Landjaeger 
  • Tuscany Pepperbiter
  • Burgers
  • Minute Steaks
  • Steaks & Roasts

Preparation / Packaging

  • Cut & Wrap (Brown Paper)
  • Cut & Wrap (Vac Seal)
  • Grinding & Brown Wrap
  • Deboning & Grinding
  • Marinating
  • Adding Extra/Additional Meats (pork, beef)
  • Adding Extra/Additional Spices
  • Patty Making

  • Skinning (Moose / Elk / Deer ) 
  • Scrape Disposal



Meat Butchering