Our whole brand is built on the idea of getting back to and appreciating the simple, natural lifestyle. There's just something wholesome and healthy about it all, and the farm life certainly inspires it. And so it remains an important aspect of doing business the SandyView Farm way; we care about our products and the nutritional value found in the food we prepare, and in the food we choose to carry.

Here are some points about our products you may find interesting and helpful:

  • SandyView produces a wide variety of processed meats. All with no fillers, animal by-products or msg added. Individuals diagnosed with celiac disease are able to eat these products worry free.

  • Fresh sausages are also made with no fillers, animal by- products; msg added and contains no preservatives.

  • We carry a variety of in store made prepared food ideas like lasagna, vegetarian lasagna, shepherd's pie, pizza, perogies, cabbage rolls, etc.

  • Fresh meats are very important to us. Local producers are used for Beef, Pork, Bison, and Poultry.

  • Our beef is hormone free, aged a minimum of 21 days and will be sold fresh, cut to order or in our freezer section.

  • Organic beef will also be sold and will be carried fresh and frozen depending on availability.

  • Bison is also hormone free, aged a minimum 21 days and will be sold fresh and frozen.

  • Poultry will be from local farms with a choice between chickens & turkeys that are hormone free and ones that are organic.

  • For further information please consult our trained staff and they will answer your important questions to the best of their ability.